Shanghai Jimmy Insulation Materials CO.,LTD was founded in May 2003, which is a  company that owns the import and export power and produces fiberglass products. The company is one of the members of the Fiberglass Association of China. And it's also one of the members of the Glass, Fiberglass, and Fiberglass Epoxy Association of Shanghai.

      The main products of our company are fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mesh,  high-silica fabric, aluminum-foil coated fiberglass cloth, bulked yarn cloth,  fiberglass tape, fiberglass rope, ceramic fibers(blanket, paper, board, tape rope etc.),foam glass etc.

      All kinds of the fiberglass products are widely used in aviation, ordnance, steamship, mechanic, metallurgy, fire-retardant and so on, and they are welcomed in regions and countries such as U.A.E Singapore, Qatar ,United States, Australia, Japan, India, Korea, Holland.


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